Healing Treatments

So you’ve got to a point in life where you have worked out that it’s not the champagne and roses story they sell you in Hollywood films. There are gritty bits sometimes, some high points and also a lot of just turning up each day and going through the motions.

You are cruising along quite smoothly but there’s a feeling you might be missing something. Either you missed something along the way or you’re not seeing the happiness that’s available to you because there’s a filter blocking it.


The first time I had a healing treatment I really didn’t know what to expect, I just went along at a friend’s suggestion and let myself open up to be healed at whatever level was appropriate. Wow. The next day I awoke feeling amazing. I felt light and carefree. It was like I’d had a big bag full of troubles tied to my waist belt that I was dragging behind me. The healing released me from this burden and let me feel present again, balanced and connected to who I truly am.

I was working as a high school teacher in Lismore, New South Wales and enjoying the challenges of teaching Australian teenagers. Still, there were stresses associated with the job and these would sometimes get on top of me. Once I started receiving regular treatments these became my safety valve, the place where I could let everything go and feel lighter again.


It wasn’t long before I learned this style of healing – Reiki – for myself and started sharing it with others. It wasn’t just the healing on a physical level that I enjoyed. I was also gaining insights into the nature of reality, the human condition and better ways to navigate the river of life.


In 2012 I left my job as a teacher to return to the UK and care for my parents. My mother had a degenerative condition and my father was having heart surgery. Over the next 4 years I was able to give them healing on a daily basis and they lived really full lives right up until the end. In October 2103 Mum was told she had a few weeks to live. Fortunately she proved the doctors wrong and we had a whole year with her, traveling to France 4 times to see family, to Spain to visit friends and even to Cardiff to watch the rugby. It was an amazing time and I’m so grateful that she was able to go out on her terms.

My father did pretty well once Mum went, we had a couple of family trips to France and the rugby in Cardiff once again. Eventually his longing for the love of his life proved too much and he passed over nearly two years after Mum went. I was holding him as he went and could sense Mum right there, ready to help him cross over.

All of this to say that healing, Reiki energy has enabled me to handle everything that life has given me and experience it with acceptance and the calm knowing that everything is working out for the best. Sometimes things don’t go they way we expect or want, however I have learned that these events are often a way to learn to let go of the need to control and simply trust in the universe.


It is my intention to help you find a way to navigate the river of life with a calm knowing that everything is turning out as it should. By clearing old emotional blockages or sharing clairvoyant insight I will help you find balance and perspective.


If you are interested in a treatment please get in touch by Skype, phone or email. I can find out a bit more about you and we can work out the best way to proceed.


Treatments last around 60 minutes. I usually include the healing sound of the didjeridoo as appropriate. I hope that sounds like good value – getting a fresh perspective and new energy in just one hour. All treatments are fully clothed.


I can arrange home visits as well as treatments at Oceanflow Yoga, Newquay.

Reiki also works at a distance. We can talk over the phone or Skype.


£45 per treatment. I also offer three treatments for £120. Receiving three treatments allows you to really feel the benefits of the healing and to see the impact it can improve your wellbeing.  Please contact me to discuss what would work for you.